Table Magician Sean Carpenter: Winner of the British Close-Up Magic Championships.

Professional table magic for corporate events
Professional table magic for corporate events

Close-up magic is one of the most memorable and versatile forms of entertainment in the world, making it the perfect choice for banquets, corporate events, family celebrations, product launches, or Christmas parties. A good close-up magician can provide an experience that your guests will never forget, and Sean Carpenter, winner of the British Close-Up Magic Championships, is one of the very best.


When you hire table magician Sean Carpenter to perform at your next event, you can be assured that your guests will enjoy the best in amazing close-up magic, performed with charm and good humour.  For years to come they will talk of how their wedding ring appeared trapped inside an egg timer, or of how the magician read their mind to find out their birthday.  


The astonishing table magic of Sean Carpenter is adaptable to virtually any event or venue - even if there aren't any tables!  As an experienced professional, Sean can perform just as effectively during a drinks reception, or outside at a garden party where everyone is standing with glasses in their hands.  Wherever your guests are able to go, Sean will be able to entertain them.  He has performed with great success on boats and moving trains, and in so many other types of venue that it would be difficult to pick the most unusual. Sean has even performed close-up magic in underground caves and in the oven of a glass kiln!  Whatever your event, Sean Carpenter will help make it one that people talk about for years to come.  


If you are getting married, close up magic is the perfect ice breaker for any wedding, creating an atmosphere of fun, laughter and amazement.  Check out the WEDDING MAGICIAN page for more details.

End the night with a cabaret spot for everyone ...

As well as being an award winning close-up magician, Sean Carpenter is one of the UK's top cabaret magicians.  Sean is often hired to entertain with a combination of close-up magic around the tables followed by a short stand-up spot at the end.  If you are holding a dinner, or party where all the guests are in one room, a cabaret spot for the whole group is a great way to end the evening.


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Party magician for adult birthdays or corporate parties
Party magician for adult birthdays or corporate parties

The amazing close-up magic of Sean Carpenter will leave all ages spellbound, making him the perfect entertainer for any party!


Close-up magician Sean Carpenter has entertained and astonished at hundreds of adult birthday parties, from 21st birthday celebrations to 100th birthday dinners.   Whether he is finding ten chosen cards at the same time, making balls multiply in the hands of your guests, or performing rope tricks that look like trick photography, Sean Carpenter will make your 40th birthday party magical, memorable and fun.  As a 50th birthday party magician or 60th birthday party magician, Sean will perform the same amazing magic with the same sense of fun, to slightly older people.

Children are amazed by close-up magic.  Although Sean doesn't do children's birthday parties, he always involves the younger guests at family events, ensuring that your party is remembered by all guests, from the youngest to the oldest.


Party magician Sean Carpenter is also available for anniversary parties, dinner parties, garden parties, works parties, Christmas parties, thank you parties and all other celebrations.


To guarantee the success of your next conference or awards dinner, you need a professional entertainer you can rely on.  Sean Carpenter is a table magician with over 20 years experience in providing memorable entertainment for corporate events, banquets, conferences and awards dinners.  Whether you are holding a works Christmas party, a presentation evening, or a promotional event for your customers, Sean Carpenter can make it magical, memorable and fun!


Click HERE for more details of how Sean could help you promote your store, restaurant or business! 

How to hire a table magician ...

Hiring a table magician is a great way to add fun to any event and make it more memorable for your guests. A professional table magician can read the minds of your guests and perform magic in their hands, so it's entertainment that your guests will personally experience rather than just watch. Table magic is also the world's most versatile form of entertainment, as it can be presented in any venue – even if there aren't any tables. A table magician can easily move from one room to another or leave the venue entirety and entertain guests outside in the grounds. If you are thinking of hiring a table magician for your event, here are my top three tips for success.

Anyone can set up a website nowadays and advertise themselves as a magician, so it's wise to check that you're hiring an experienced professional. Check if the magician has won any national awards
and look out for reviews or quotes from previous clients. If there are performance videos online, look for clips of the magician actually performing a whole trick from beginning to end for a live audience, as many showreels are slickly produced without really showing the magician's personality, or how they interact with an audience. You can see Sean perform a card trick with no cuts or fancy editing on the VIDEO page of this website.  Membership of Equity, shows that a performer is a genuine professional and covered by Equity's comprehensive public liability insurance.



No matter how brilliant the acting or cinematography in a movie, the film would lose impact if it went on too long. This is why I recommend hiring a table magician for no longer than they are actually needed. For events with 50 - 120 guests, I find that two hours is the ideal length of time for a table magician to make the maximum impact. I am sometimes booked for up to three hours when there are over 120 guests, but I wouldn't advise booking a table magician for more than three hours unless it's an event, like a trade show, where new guests will be arriving at different times. 



Table magic is all about rapport with the audience, so the most important requirement is that the performer can talk to guests and be heard. To ensure that your guests have the best possible experience, it is best to keep background music to a minimum while a table magician is performing. If you have booked a magician and a DJ for the same room, your event will be much more successful if the disco starts after the magician has finished.