"Seeing Sean in action and the amazed responses of his audience, tells you that he has a very special gift.  He leaves them dazzled thinking how on earth did he do that!  Remember the name Sean Carpenter ... he just might know yours before you tell him!"   -

Winner of the British Close-Up Magic Championships.
Winner of the British Close-Up Magic Championships.

Table Magician Sean Carpenter is one of only three magicians in the world to have won both the British Close-Up Magic Championships and the Close-Up Magician of the Year award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


To guarantee the success of your event, you need a professional entertainer you can rely on.  Sean Carpenter is professional close-up magician with over 20 years experience at making events magical, memorable and fun.  From The Orient Express to the world’s most exclusive hotels, and from luxury cruise liners to the staff party at a meat pie factory in Leicester - close-up magician Sean Carpenter has amazed and entertained audiences all over the world! 


With a contagious sense of fun, and two of the most skilful hands in the business, Sean Carpenter is one of the UK's most experienced professional close-up magicians - and the perfect entertainer to guarantee the success of your next event. 


Hiring a close-up magician is the perfect was to break the ice at weddings and give your guests an experience they will never forget.  Check the WEDDING MAGICIAN page for reviews from previous wedding clients and to see how Sean can add to the magic of your big day.   


Visit the TABLE MAGICIAN for Hire page to discover how the amazing close-up magic of Sean Carpenter can ensure your wedding, banquet, promotional event or awards dinner is remembered for years to come.  

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"Magic with a difference is a fitting description for Sean Carpenter.  He was slick and entertaining, working brilliantly with the audience."     - THE STAGE & TELEVISION TODAY


Comedy Magician Sean Carpenter is widely regarded as one of the UK's most entertaining stage magicians.  Sean's warm and playful style of comedy, combined with amazing feats of magic and mind-reading, make him the perfect cabaret entertainer for any event.  


Whether you are looking for a entertaining after dinner cabaret spot, or a full 50 minute stage show with audience participation, Sean Carpenter is a professional entertainer you can rely on.  Sean is available for corporate events, awards evenings, dinners, conferences, ladies nights and private parties.  


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If you would like to see Sean in action, please check out the VIDEO page for live clips.


Sean says ...

Award Winning Magician
Award Winning Magician

When you look at the websites of different magicians, the first thing you'll notice is virtually all of them are "award winning". So just in case you've ever wondered how so many different magicians can have managed to win awards - let me try and explain. You see, most towns have their own magic society where all the local magicians meet up, and all those magic societies stage annual competitions both for stage entertainers and for close-up magic. Naturally, any performer who has won one of these local competitions can legitimately call themselves an award winning magician. I even heard of one "award winning" magician who uses the phrase on the grounds that he's a magician and he once won a bronze award for swimming!


As my website describes me as an award winning magician (surprise surprise) I better give you the details of my own awards. The first national award I won was the close-up competition of The International Brotherhood of Magicians - the largest magic society in the world. Other previous winners of this award include Paul Daniels and Wayne Dobson, both of whom went on to achieve great success on British TV. I was also the winner of the British Close-Up Magic Championships, staged at the largest magicians convention in the world in front of an audience of 2000 of my fellow magicians.  Performing close-up magic for 2000 people has got to be a trick in itself!


I narrowly missed out on the bronze award for swimming.