As a magician, there are several questions that I get asked all the time.  Predictably, the most common are: How did you do that?  Can you make my wife/husband disappear?  And, Did you go to Hogwarts?  You won't find the answers to those questions here (I've never liked talking about Hogwarts since the time I forgot my gym kit and had to do Quidditch in my pants) but this section contains the answers to some other common questions that you may find useful.  

1) What areas do you cover?

As a full time professional entertainer, I cover the whole of the UK, and have been lucky enough to perform abroad many times.  My act has taken me to well over 30 different countries.  I am based in the Midlands, though, so any venue within a hundred miles of Birmingham would count as a local gig.  I also perform in London a great deal, as well as other cities in England, Scotland and Wales, and am available worldwide.  I'm always happy to travel, so wherever you want to provide your guests with entertainment that will be amazing and fun, please get in touch. 

2) How much do you charge?

My fees depend on your requirements and the amount of travelling involved.  Please fill in the simple 'Booking Enquiry' form on the Contact page and I will usually be able to get back to you the same day with a no obligation quote. To receive an accurate quote please include the location of the booking, as you wouldn't believe how many people ask for a quote without mentioning the town, or even country, where the event is going to be held. There are no hidden extra charges. The fee you are quoted will always be the total price.  


Remember that booking a magician is like a buying a watch.  You can pay hundreds of pounds for a watch, or you can buy one from the market for a fiver.  It won't be the same watch, though, and you usually get what you pay for!  There are many part time magicians with little experience who accept paid bookings, so if your main priority is finding the cheapest possible quote - it probably isn't going to be me.  But my fees are competitive when compared to other reliable, professional magicians with many years of experience. 

3) How long do you usually perform for?

For close-up bookings with 50-150 guests, I usually perform for 2 hours.  I recommend this as the ideal amount of time for a close-up magician to make the best possible impact at your event. 


My stand-up shows can be anything from a short 10 minute spot, up to a full hour's show, depending on your requirements.  For most events, 30 - 50 minutes is ideal.

4) Do you entertain children?

I am not a children's entertainer and don't do children's parties.  Children love close-up magic, though, so I always involve any children who are present at weddings or family events.  As a professional close-up magician, my job is to make sure that all your guests have a great time, adults and children alike.  But if you are looking for a magician to entertain a group of children on their own (rather than with their families), you would be better off booking a specialist children's entertainer.   


My stand-up act is aimed at an adult/family audience.  It's not a children's show, but older children will certainly enjoy it.  Children will appreciate my show much more if they sit with their parents, rather than having all the kids together at the front.


5) Is your act suitable for people who don't speak English?

I have successfully performed close-up magic many times for people who spoke little or no English.  Close-up magic is a universal form of entertainment and great way of crossing the language barrier.  My stage shows, on the other hand, are best suited for an entirely English speaking audience.

6) Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes.  As a full member of Equity, all my performances are covered by Equity's comprehensive public liability insurance policy.  I'm covered up to £10,000,000 ... though I still haven't managed to find a card trick that could do £10,000,000 worth of damage!  The policy number is RTT112094 and I can supply a confirmation of insurance document from Equity on request.

7) Have you ever appeared in a music video?

Funny you should ask that!  Here I am in the video for the brilliant Post-It-Note Prophecies by Sleuth.