Exhibiting at a trade show is major investment, so why not let your business stand out from the crowd?



"As a trade show magician, I can help your company to achieve the best possible results from your next trade show."



As a trade show magician, my first job is to increase the footfall to your stand.  I have many years of experience in stopping passers-by with fast and entertaining magic that will amaze them - but more importantly - prevent them from walking straight past your stand! 


During busy periods, I will entertain visitors who are waiting to ensure they remain on the stand until a member of your team is available to speak to them.


Next time you exhibit at a trade show, why not contact me to discuss how an experienced trade show magician can help to make your job easier.

Can you incorporate our sales message into your magic?

Absolutely.  I always promote the company name in my magic and can also promote a simple message about your business while I am performing.  The main benefit of hiring a trade show magician, though, is that it will create more and better opportunities for your own sales team to promote your products.


If you are inviting customers to attend formal presentations on your stand, then I would be able to incorporate a more detailed sales message.  I have a great deal of experience as a stage performer and public speaker, and would be able to create a unique presentation using magic to communicate your message in an entertaining and memorable way. 


For more information, CONTACT Trade Show Magician Sean Carpenter.