"Sean Carpenter, who won a close-up magic award last year, showed that he can make the transition to a large stage with ease and charm. He would be great on TV and is bound to impress the corporate market"      THE STAGE and TELEVISION TODAY


Comedy Magician
Comedy Stage Magician

Sean Carpenter's original blend of magic and comedy has been described by The Stage & Television Today as "outstanding", and by his Dad as "not a real job".  As one of the UK's leading stage magicians, Sean Carpenter is modern, fast, and very funny. But don't expect the humour to come from tricks going wrong - Sean’s magic is guaranteed to leave you amazed as well as entertained! When Sean restores a torn newspaper in less than a second, or memorises the complete works of Shakespeare in only slightly longer, you’ll understand why he is regarded as one of the UK’s most astonishing magicians.

Magic is perhaps the world’s most interactive form of entertainment, and Sean’s magic show is packed with audience participation. Let's face it, even for a magician it is very difficult to read minds without having someone's mind to read.  Don’t worry about sitting near the front, though, as Sean’s warm and playful personality will ensure that everybody has fun without the jokes being at their expense.


Sean Carpenter is a reliable professional entertainer that you can book with confidence to turn your awards ceremony, Christmas party or corporate event into an evening of fun and amazement that your guests will remember for many years to come!


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Magician Sean Carpenter describes a freely chosen page from the Complete Works of Shakespeare!
Magician Sean Carpenter describes a freely chosen page from the Complete Works of Shakespeare!

Is a stand-up show suitable for my event?

To ensure the success of your event and get the most out of a stand-up entertainer, here are a few points to keep in mind. 

  • An experienced performer will be highly adaptable and able to vary the show to fit your requirements.  Sean Carpenter can provide an entertaining 10-20 minute spot, a full 50 minute cabaret show with audience participation, or anything in between. 
  • Close-up magic can work successfully while your guests are also doing other things, but a stand-up show requires the full attention of the whole group.  The minimum requirement is a room where no other activities are taking place at the same time. 
  • It is best to schedule the show for a time when your guests will already be seated and paying attention; after the speeches for instance, or at the end of the meal once coffee has been served.  
  • To create the best atmosphere, the front row of the audience should be as close as possible to the performer, especially for a highly interactive show that involves magic and mind reading.  Also, in a large function room where everyone will be seated on the same level, a raised platform for the performer to stand on will make it easier for your guests to see.
  • If you are not sure which would be best suited to your event, close-up magic or a stand-up show, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page and Sean will be happy to offer free, professional advice.  Many clients hire Sean Carpenter to perform close-up magic around the tables followed by a short stand-up spot at the end. 

Comedy Magician - Sean Carpenter

"Thank you so much for last night. You were absolutely fantastic and the audience loved you. I have had nothing except rave reviews for you from everyone and it was a pleasure to have such a professional ,slick and thoroughly warm and entertaining performer as part of our show. I hope you had fun and I do hope to work with you again. People are still saying how did he do that. You are amazing."

Kerry Newton (Boom Boom Bonita)


"On behalf of everyone at The At Work Partnership, I should like to thank you very much for the fantastic show you put on for us last week at our Workplace Health conference dinner ... It was not just your highly polished magic skills that wowed everyone, but you were able to strike just the right note with your humour – a great skill in itself when there are so many people to keep happy and testament to your professionalism.  It was great fun for our delegates and easily the best entertainment we have had for this annual conference!"                         

Tracy Connors (At Work Partnership)


"Thank you very much for this evening's performance. It was fantastic."

Susie Copeland, One Stop Grow Shop


"Sean is a busy professional entertainer and the laughs he garnered showed this. His clever, original and very funny magical routines and audience participation was greatly enjoyed by all."

Hull Magic Circle


"Thank you for a superb evening's entertainment.  Everybody really enjoyed your performance and was absolutely spellbound at the tricks you did and the way you read minds."                           

Henry Goodfellow


"Thank you again for entertaining us last Friday, there were lots of smiles and we all thoroughly enjoyed your set. Your pitch to us was just spot-on and I've been asked to pass on thanks from all who were there. You arrived just when agreed, were very professional, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others."

Jean Di Pilla