How to Hire a Table Magician


Hiring a table magician is a great way to add fun to any event and make it more memorable for your guests. A professional table magician can read the minds of your guests and perform magic in their hands, so it's entertainment that your guests will personally experience rather than just watch. Table magic is also the world's most versatile form of entertainment, as it can be presented in any venue – even if there aren't any tables. A table magician can easily move from one room to another or leave the venue entirety and entertain guests outside in the grounds. If you are thinking of hiring a table magician for your event, here are my top three tips for success.

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Award Winning Magician

When you look at the websites of different magicians, the first thing you'll notice is virtually all of them are "award winning". So just in case you've ever wondered how so many different magicians can have managed to win awards - let me try and explain. You see, most towns have their own magic society where all the local magicians meet up, and all those magic societies stage annual competitions both for stage entertainers and for close-up magic. Naturally, any performer who has won one of these local competitions can legitimately call themselves an award winning magician. I even heard of one "award winning" magician who uses the phrase on the grounds that he's a magician and he once won a bronze award for swimming!

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